Idaho Falls, ID

(208) 523-1969

24 North 3210 East
Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Office Hours: M-F 8-5 pm
Loading Hours: M-F: 8-4 pm

Challenger Pallet and Supply is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This prime location allows Challenger Pallet to reach a vast majority of the intermountain region, including Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Nevada.



Ogden, UT

(801) 782-7998

1206 W 2150 N

Ogden, UT

Office Hours: M-F 8-5 pm
Loading Hours: M-F 7-3 pm

Challenger Pallet also has an office in Ogden, Utah. This centralized location is ideally located to provide shipping pallets to all of Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Northern Arizona, and Colorado.



Three Forks, MT

(406) 285-9896

1825 Bench Road
Three Forks, MT 59752

Office Hours: M-F 8-4 pm
Loading Hours: M-F 8-3:30 pm

The Three Forks, Montana Challenger Pallet location, offers quick pallet shipment to Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and the rest of the intermountain region.