Tad Hegsted

ext. 811

As a young man, Tad watched his father, Victor Hegsted, start Challenger Pallet from the ground up. He has done everything in the company from stacking lumber, driving a truck, and running a crew. After his father’s passing, he jumped in with his mother and brother-in-law Kelly to continue to build the business into a first-class pallet operation. Aside from making all the big decisions, Tad loves doing the research and development of projects for our company.

When not at work, he has served as a county commissioner and various boards for the NWPCA. Tad has recently been traveling around the world. In the past three years, he and his wife have explored China, Israel, Scotland, and Alaska. He also loves to spend time with his family – especially his 12 grandchildren.

Kelly Bennion

Vice President
ext. 813

Kelly grew up in the Salt Lake City area and moved to Idaho when he married into the Hegsted family. After Victor Hegsted’s tragic plane accident, Kelly took on more responsibility within the business. Soon he found himself managing the production crew. Today, as general manager, he is over the production at all three plants and also does all of our purchasing. He and Tad have formed a strong partnership that has been the backbone for Challenger’s success.

As the weather warms up, you can bet Kelly is breaking out his Harley. He has put many miles on the bike traversing the West with his group of biker friends. Kelly also enjoys spending time in the mountains on a 4-wheeler, golfing, or simply watching a movie at home with his family.

Justin Hegsted

General Manager
ext. 812

Growing up in the family business, Justin has done everything from running an automated pallet nailing machine, developing a company-wide safety program, and now managing the sales department. From 2009-2013 he was the plant manager of our Three Forks operation. This experience has given him the “behind-the-scenes” knowledge that is helpful when discussing pallet issues with a customer.

Justin tries to be home whenever possible so he can enjoy quality time with his wife and their five kids. On a Saturday, you can find him running between different sporting events, the parks, movies, and whatever else it takes to entertain the family. He also enjoys shooting a round of golf, a pick-up game of basketball, and game night with family and friends.

Cole Hegsted

ext. 815

Cole took over as our accounting manager in 2007 after many years of working throughout the plant. By 2008 he had graduated in accounting from BYU-Idaho. He manages all of our in-house accounting concerns, which include payroll, taxes, and our accounts payables. If you need a load of animal bedding or firewood, then he's the man you call.

After turning off his trusty calculator each afternoon, Cole heads home to play Legos with his three kids. He enjoys spending time with his wife, following the Utah Jazz, and playing board games with his family and friends.